Monday, January 17, 2011

In August 1971, the Medical Chronicle announced:

In his total grasp of the Syndol [tablettes] briefing, Bill Hart has seemingly torn aside the visible exterior world to reveal the inner, invisible world of Modern Man.

Bill Hart was awarded the commission to interpret the "tensions" of "Modern Man" in a multiple sculpture.

The article concludes with:

Med-National's Tension Tower - a statement of tension but also an object of pleasurable contemplation.


These two photographs were later super-imposed to create an advertisement for Syndol. I recovered the negetives and had them professionally scanned.

With technology today, it wouldn't be too difficult to re-create this exciting medical moment...!

featuring TENSION TOWER by Bill Hart

study for sculpture depicting Bill Hart infront of his own work
First signs of life in the Greatmore Studios..!
I'm reluctant to start any comics strip stories without having spoken to a few key people from Bill's past. I would like to decifer what the main events were that helped shape his life.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hanns Bergs, architect of de Beers building in Kimberley

Bill Hart, model for de Beers relief mural, circa 1970