Saturday, July 21, 2012

Personality Magazine, feature article Linda Goodman, 1968

Linda Goodman carries the name of a world-renowned art gallery, the Goodman Galley, in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The gallery specializes in contemporary African art, representing artists such as William Kentridge. There were, however, more artists who benefited from the Goodman Gallery before Kentridge. Linda describes the connection to her artists (Personality Magazine, 1968) :

Linda Goodman would be unable to deny that she and Bill Hart had worked together in as agent and artist (repectively). It is a conceivable idea that they must have influenced each other in their professional lives. Linda saw potential in Bill and Bill saw a window to success. The Goodman Gallery represented Bill Hart during the crucial years that formed his fame as an artist. His first exhibition with Linda was in 1967, with consecutive exhibitions in 1968 and 1969.

In the early years in the gallery, Linda boldly took the initiative to combine artwork against a dark wall. In one location of the Goodman Gallery, the walls where adjustable by a rail system mounted on the floor.

Below, Bill is photographed in a primitive-looking Goodman Gallery (possibly in Hyde Park), where one room was painted black and the other white.

Bill seems to enjoy posing next to his work

Curriculum Vitae
the information below has been compiled from Personality Magazine, 1968

1938         Linda Goodman is born, Johannesburg

1960         Teaches Drama in London, UK

1964         Assistant to Mr. Estoric, owner of Grosvenor Gallery in London
1966         Opens the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg

While scanning the internet, I came across this article from digital magazine A R T T H R O B where it is interesting to read Linda's artistic statement, it also confirms her extensive CV. In other, more recent articles (dated 2011) on and Art Times it is apparent that Linda is currently busy opening up a new gallery in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. She explains: "the new gallery will specialize in developing new artists and concentrate on the local market". Very exciting news!

It would be an honor to have the opportunity to speak with Ms. Givan about her experience as a female art dealer and curator in promoting contemporary African art. I am in utmost admiration of her bold approach and determination, which has been consistent throughout the years.